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Who we are

Temple-Jene Fleming

President & Founder

Class-E Productions, Inc.


Certified Etiquette Consultant 

Temple-Jene Fleming, is President & Founder of Class-E Productions, Inc.the parent company of Class-E Etiquette.  She is a Certified Etiquette Consultant and mother of four, who gave her kids the tools to become successful and confident adults.  A parent who wanted the best for her children, T-J knew that the first impression was a lasting one.  So, she stressed the importance of being a lady and a gentleman, how to communicate smoothly and confidently, how to dine at home and in public, and an understanding of the basic common courtesies in life to assist them in maneuvering in this fast paced world.


T-J enjoys working with her clients and giving them a foundation to help them achieve the “Gift of Presence” that will lead to success.  A feature of her business etiquette workshops includes instructing her clients on how to prepare and perfect their resumes, enhance their interview and presentation skills, and advice on dressing for success.  T-J enjoys being a mentor to young adults as they embark upon their careers.  

In addition to coaching actors and presenting her Class-E Dining, Social and Business Etiquette Workshops, T-J has a B.S. in Speech & Drama from Hampton University; and a M.A. in Theatre Education and Speech Communications from NYU.  T-J is certified by The Emily Post Institute; and, Sue Fox, founder of Etiquette Survival and author of Etiquette for Dummies, Business Etiquette for Dummies, and Wedding Etiquette for Dummies.


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