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Testimonials & Comments

Comments from the "Dining With Class" Dining Etiquette Workshop:


"The content was spot-on, and covered all of the key areas of need-to-know. I especially liked the examples you used to help the participants visualize dining occasions (using Ursula’s dinner party), and the cues expected as a host or a guest. It felt like a leisurely Sunday brunch with dining lessons. We enjoyed the presentation, ambience, and the food. It was lovely event!"


Eunice Lewis-Broome

Director of Student Life

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Hunter College 


"I'm so glad that fate allowed me to have this particular Saturday off of class to attended your workshop. What I learned is truly valuable."


Shavree L. Washington

SM/SW Management


Additional Comments...


The program content was nicely structured, yet it was relaxed, and had a comfortable environment for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas.


The workshop is a valued and essential tool to young and mid level career professionals.


I like that we talked about etiquette in various settings and not just a formal setting. I was able to use the information the very next weekend.


I enjoyed that the workshop was interactive and hands on, coordinated with a full menu. It really personalized the experience.


The workshop consultant worked with the attendees with ease and professionalism.


It was great to practice while we dined. Many non-for-profit organizations can benefit from Etiquette Workshops.


Class-E Review

"This is just what our young people need to be successful in life!  

Thanks Class-E for giving our kids a leg up to success."


Andrea M. Johnson

Board Member, KinderSmile Foundation & 

Vice President with Chase Bank

Comments from The Tabernacle Ulendo Rites of Passage Program Class-E Dining Etiquette Workshop participants:


“Very professional, informative and fun!”


Liked the “personal touch.”


“Excellent workshop. All young people should attend at least one.”


“…the workshop was excellent in terms of educating young people on intangible skills that will separate them from others.”


Class-E Private Social & Dining Etiquette Sessions with Lizzy Sabol:

"I liked the incorporation of methods that can be used in everyday life such as posture, appearance, dining etiquette, as well as social conversations that are important for certain events."

"This helped me to prepare for professional settings like weddings, black-tie events, family gatherings, banquets, etc., where this will definitely be put to use.  Especially for events later in my career...this will be imperative to know."

"Overall, I had a good time learning more about the importance of etiquette and will use this to my advantage for years to come."

Lizzy Sabol

Clemson University Student


Additional Comments

"This has been so amazing for my daughter.  Temple-Jene is kind, loving and supportive.  She covers a lot in a short amount of time and delivers a top-notch course.  She helped to raise my daughter's confidence, not only for special events but also in the way she now carries herself.  I highly recommend Temple-Jene! 5 Stars!!!"

Casey Sabol

Mom to Lizzy Sabol

Clemson University Student

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